New Fanike! Agents point to Chelsea star Teng Siu, Barcelona star

20 May

Carlos Xavier, Xavier M. Buum's broker, fortress after star Rao Barcelona lifted Chelsea as the team that has the most players to occupy With this football is being sought after by many big clubs in Europe.

   Carlos Xavier's agent Xavier Embuyba, center-back star of Barcelona's La Liga club, has revealed that Chelsea, the big club in the war The English Premier League is a candidate for a player in his care to strengthen the army.

At the height of 196 centimeters, Emu Yumba is currently playing with the Barcelona youth team and has performed well to become a destination for many of the most famous clubs in Europe. Given that "Sing the Blues" is the team that has the greatest chance of chasing the signatures of 18-year-old Dutch defender  "Almost every leading club in Europe There has been a question about Xavier's size. Real Madrid is also interested in it. Juventus and Inter Milan are also interested. Like many big clubs in Germany and England. "

 "However, Chelsea is a candidate, we have talked throughout the last year. And they presented a great plan for Xavier, while Frank Lampard (Chelsea manager) proved that He is not afraid to send young players on the field, which would be good. With starting to be a true starter for Chelsea at the age of 20, "Barros told Voetbal International. The media, the football industry, the windmill  In this regard, Emu Yumba, which many consider to have a style of play and has a huge body, like Liverpool's defender Jilf van Diike, moved from MVV Maastricht to join the Barcelona team. Lona in August 2019 and currently has a name on the Holland national team. Age not over 19 years

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